Glide Inflatable 12'6" X32 Fusion picture

Glide Inflatable 12'6" X32 Fusion

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Glide inflatables provide great glide and speed, while remaining very easy to paddle. They bridge the gap between our Maliko (race) and entry level inflatables. At 34-inches wide, the 12�0� offers superior stability and easy paddling on long touring sessions. The longer, 14�0�, 30-inch wide size features extra cargo straps, so you can pack even more items for those longer touring trips. Hydroslick edges reduce wasted energy by creating a clean water release in the tail of the board. This maximizes paddling efficiency, so you move forward faster! Additional handles in the nose make getting in and out of the water on slippery banks faster and easier than ever. The double density deck pad provides a soft, comfortable surface to get on and off the board, while providing a secure grip while standing and riding. 12�0� x 34� x 6� (319 L) is ideal for riders up to 265 lbs/100 kg 14�0� x 30� x 6� (327 L) is ideal for riders up to 265 lbs/120 kg that are a bit more advanced and want to enjoy longer touring sessions.